Action Cam Photography

Insta360 ONE R/S Action Camera

The Insta360 action cam has truly become a vital tool for my photography endavours without my Mavic Air 2. This action camera's adaptable design and sophisticated features enable you to take spectacular slow-motion and time-lapse photos in addition to amazing 360-degree video, if you have the 360 degree lens. An unbeatable factor in particular is the interchangeability of the individual lenses for different purposes. The Insta360 One RS is the ideal tool to support you in producing immersive and compelling content, whether you're an adrenaline junkie, a vlogger, or just someone who loves to document life's adventures.


My Basic Action Cam Equipment

My basic action cam equipment contains everything I need for my next film project, no matter what i want to film(click to enlarge):

  1. Insta360 ONE R/S with battery, core and 4K Boost lens
  2. casing
  3. Insta360 selfie stick
  4. bag for protection while carrying 
  5. lens cover
  6. tripod


Additional equipment

Dive case

The Insta360 One RS dive case is a waterproof casing that allows the camera to be used underwater at depths of up to 60 meters while also shielding it from bumps and scratches on land.

Insta360 Quick Reader

With the Insta360 Quick Reader, files do not have to be transferred via Wi-Fi as is usually the case with the camera. This saves time as well as storage space on the phone and also conserves the camera battery.

Camera mount for bicycle or e-scooter

The bike mount is a compact and durable accessory that allows you to attach the camera to your bike handlebars, providing a stable and secure platform for capturing immersive 360-degree footage of your rides.

Insta360 Extended Selfie Stick (new version)

The Insta360 Extended Selfie Stick (new version) is a versatile and sturdy accessory designed for use with Insta360 cameras. With an extended length of up to 300 cm (3.5 feet), it allows for easy capture of panoramic and 360-degree footage, making it ideal for vlogging, travel, and more.