8BitDo Ultimate Controller with Charging Dock


Read this blog post about the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller, which is designed to provide a classic gaming experience with modern features.

During my search for a suitable controller for my Steam Deck I came across the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller. This is an excellent choice for gaming on PC, Steam Deck, XBox and Nintendo Switch - not for Playstation. It can be used for both systems, iOS and Android.

Game controllers have come a long way from the bulky and unresponsive designs of the past. With the advent of retro gaming and the demand for more responsive controls, 8BitDo has become a market leading brand. Their 8BitDo Ultimate Controller with charging dock is the company's latest offering and has already proven popular with gamers of all ages.

Find here the specifications:


The 8BitDo Ultimate Controller is designed to give you a classic gaming experience with modern features. It's a wireless controller that connects to your device via Bluetooth or USB receiver. Compatible with multiple platforms such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch. The controller is designed with a comfortable grip and ergonomic shape, making it easy to hold even during long hours of gaming.

One of the great features of 8BitDo Ultimate Controller is its long battery life. Built-in 1000mAh battery for up to 30 hours of gameplay on a single charge. That means you can play your favorite games for hours without worrying about running out of battery. The controller also comes with a charging dock that can be used to charge the controller when not in use. The dock is compact, easy to use, and perfect for gamers who are always on the go.

8BitDo Ultimate Controller also has a customizable button mapping feature that allows you to map the buttons to your liking. This means you can customize your controller to suit your playstyle and preferences. The controller also features motion controls, allowing you to play games that require motion-based input. Motion controls are precise and responsive, perfect for games that require precise movement.

In terms of design, the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller is a sleek and sophisticated controller in black or white. The controller has a classic design that pays homage to the controllers of the past while incorporating modern features. The buttons and joystick are responsive and tactile, perfect for gamers looking for precision.

Inside the charging dock is the USB receiver:

USB receiver


The controller has a USB C port in front:

USB C port


In summary, the 8BitDo Ultimate controller with charging dock is a must-have for serious gamers. It offers a classic gaming experience with modern features and is compatible with multiple platforms. Long battery life, customizable button mappings, and motion controls make it perfect for long gaming sessions. The charging dock is a great addition, keeping your controller always charged and ready to go.If you're looking for a new gaming controller, the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller with charging dock should definitely be on your list. Keep in mind however, it´s probably not the best choice for users with big hands.


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