Shoot it out! - With the soft bullet launcher ZP5 357 Colt Python


Read this blog post about the ZP5 357 Colt Python revolver, a Smith & Wesson-like toy gun that launches soft bullets, plastic balls and gel balls.

The ZP5 357 Colt Python revolver is a toy gun that is designed to look and feel like a real revolver. It is a well-liked toy among both kids and adults, and it can keep toy gun enthusiasts amused and having fun for hours.

The realistic design of the ZP5 357 Colt Python revolver is one of its most notable qualities. With a decent grip, a shiny finish, and a cylinder that spins when the trigger is pulled, the toy revolver is designed to resemble a real revolver.

In addition to feeling like a real gun in the hands of the person holding it, the revolver has a realistic weight to it.

The ZP5 357 Colt Python revolver can not only shoot little soft bullets but also plastic balls and gel balls, which is another feature that sets it apart from many other toy guns. Thanks to its  ability to practice shooting and simulate battles, this feature ups the excitement factor of using the toy gun.

What comes with the revolver?

The revolver comes with

  • 6 cartridges
  • 12 six soft bullets
  • a package of yellow 8mm plastic balls
  • a package of gel balls, which need to be soaked first

How to use it

You use it the way you would expect a revolver to be used.

  1. Load the soft bullet or balls into the cartridges
  2. Take the gun and pull the lock backward to open the rotarymagazine
  3. Insert the filled cartridges into the magazine, make sure you avoid jamming
  4. Put the magazine back into the main frame
  5. Off to the shooting range: Press the hammer down, aim and pull the trigger to shoot
  6. Fired six rounds? Pull the lock backward to open the magazine
  7. Press against the cartridges at the front side of the magazine to eject the cartridges

The ZP5 357 Revolver was created with safety in mind because it is a concern whenever toy guns are used. The soft bullets that the gun shoots are soft and harmless, and the gun itself is made from durable plastic that is unlikely to cause injury if it is dropped or mishandled.

How far does it shoot?

A launched plastic ball or soft bullet flies as far as 8 - 10 meters. Gel balls reach a distance of about 6-8 meters.

What to consider

The manual reloading required after each shot of the ZP5 357 Colt Python revolver may be a disadvantage. This can be a hassle, especially for younger kids who might lack the patience or dexterity to reload the gun quickly. However, for older kids and adults, this feature can actually heighten the toy revolver's realism by giving it a more authentic feel.

What´s also important is to have a suitable practice target. You don't want to shoot around aimlessly. For this reason, I purchased this foldable target box, which serves me well. You can also see it in my video.

Final note

This blog post is in no way intended to glorify or trivialize gun violence. Similar to darts, the focus here is on the fun of the game and the sport.



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