Discover the Charm of Shopping in Münster: Why Offline Shopping is Worth a Try!


Discover the unique shopping scene of Münster and why it's worth ditching online shopping for a day. From trendy boutiques to traditional markets, find out where to shop in this charming German city.

Well, well, look at who decided to get on the streets of Münster, Germany, for good old-fashioned brick and mortar shopping! Yes, it was me. Being someone who`s been there and done that, let me give you five hilarious reasons why brick and mortar shopping in Münster is a damn good thing.

Münster Prinzipalmarkt

  1. The People Watching: Oh, looking at people! It's like you are at the front and center of the fashion show, except that the models are permanent people who just have a dubious taste in clothing. You will see everything from neon Spandex to cowboy boots with heels, and you wonder how these people dressed in the morning.
  2. The Exercise: Why do you need membership in the gym when you can walk 8.8 km through the bustling streets of Münster on Saturday afternoon? You will feel the burns of your feet, but it is completely worth it when you stumble on a hidden gem of a store you would never have found if you were too lazy to leave your home.
    I deliberately tracked my walking on that day with my Amazfit 4 GTR:

    My walked distance
    Yet another benefit of course was getting to see all landmarks like the Prinzipalmarkt and the Historical City Hall of Münster

  3. The Sales: Let's be real, there is nothing more satisfying than finding a killer deal on what you something you've been eyeing for months. And in Münster, the sales are out of this world! You will be like a child in a candy store, except that candy is 50% off at times. For one, you should not miss out on the Zalando outlet store.
  4. The Food: Can I shop on an empty stomach, am I right? Fortunately, Münster is a great place for food in Germany. From traditional German sausages to international cuisine you will find something to satisfy your hunger and give your shopping spree another boost. In particular, I recommend you to explore Pincus Müller, Großer Kiepenkerl and Kleiner Kiepenkerl.
  5. The Memories: The last but not least - brick and mortar shopping in Münster is an experience you won't soon forget. You will have fun stories to tell your friends and family, and you will forever cherish memories of your adventure. In addition, I have my travel photographic evidence thanks to my reliable Insta360 One R/S Action Cam - Enjoy!



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